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232 West Main Street
Lock Haven, PA 17745

Library Hours
Monday 2pm to 8pm
Tuesday 10am to 8pm
Wednesday 9am to 2pm
Thursday 10am to 8pm
Friday 9am to 4pm
Saturday 9am to 4pm
Sunday Closed

The Library is closed on major holidays.

Ross Library front picture

Annie Halenbake Ross bequeathed her home to the city of Lock Haven for the purpose of establishing a FREE lending library - one that didn't charge for membership or lending privileges.  Ross Library doors opened over Thanksgiving, 1910.

Over the years, Ross Library has expanded  its services to include branch libraries in Renovo and Beech Creek, as well as a county collection of materials to be shared among depository locations throughout Clinton County.

The original Ross home at 232 West Main Street, Lock Haven, augmented with a modern addition, continues to serve as the public library in Lock Haven, providing programs, materials, and services to area residents free of charge.

Lending Information

Borrower Requirements . Circulation Periods . Fees & Fines

Borrower Requirements
Borrowers must own a library card in good standing - they're FREE!

Clinton County residents with formal identification can obtain a library card free of charge.

Circulation of all materials, including COMPUTERS, requires a library card.

Replacement cards costs are

  • $1.00 first replacement
  • $5.00 second and subsequent replacements

Residents of Centre and Lycoming Counties may apply for free library cards under our reciprocal agreements with libraries in those counties.
All other PA or outlying US residents may be charged a fee for a library card. return to top.

Circulation Periods
Books & Magazines 3 Weeks
Audiocassettes & CDs 3 Weeks
DVD Overnight
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Fines & Fees
Print & Audio Items No Charge
Public Computer Access No Charge
Film Maintenance Fees (DVD) .50 / item / day
Computer & Microfilm Prints .25 / page
Photocopies .10 / page

The fine rate for three week materials (print and audio) is .10 per day per item.
The fine rate for films is $2.00 per day per item.  (They're cheap to rent, expensive to be late.)

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Ross Library, Lock Haven    Renovo Area Library, Renovo      Friendship Library, Beech Creek

The Annie Halenbake Ross Library network consists of three libraries in Clinton County, as well as the County Library collection, which is managed and shared through a depository program by the County Librarian.

The Renovo Area Public Library is located about 30 minutes north of Lock Haven.

The Friendship Community Library is located about 20 minutes south-west of Lock Haven.

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Diane Whitaker
Executive Director

Adam Bugaj
Ross Library Main Desk Circulation; Friendship Branch Manager

Nancy Antram
Youth Services Coordinator
Joseph Bitner
County Librarian
Melodi (Mel)  Kownacki
Children's Library Assistant

Tracey Dow
Cataloger & Acquisitions

Susan McDermit
Circulation/Interlibrary Loan
Zach Kreamer
Circulation Assistant and Janitorial
Lou Bernard
Adult Services Coordinator
Bill Reynolds
Maintenance /Facilities  Manager
Barbara Rauch
Renovo Branch Manager
Barbara Williams
Circulation Assistant


Board of Trustees




Eric Fletcher, President
Committees: All
Roberta Doyle, Vice President
Committees:  Library/Personnel, Finance;
Richard Morris
Committees: Fundraising - Chair, Personnel; Finance
Art Sanders, Treasurer
Committees: Finance - Chair, Building; Public Relations
Jared Conti
Committees: Technology; Building; Public Relations
Martha Sykes, Renovo Representative
Committees: Technology, Building; Fundraising
Michael Bruning
Committees: Technology- Chair; Fundraising, Finance
Mary Jane Isenberg, Secretary
Committees: Library/Personnel - Chair, Technology
Dave Lombard
Committees:Public Relations-Chair, Finance, Personnel
Elsa Winch
Committees: Library/Personnel; Fundraising;Technology

Diane Whitaker, Executive Director


Friends of Ross Library

A non-profit, volunteer organization established in 1971 to provide financial and physical volunteer support to the Annie Halenbake Ross Library.

The Friends are committed to the improvement of the Library to benefit all residents of Clinton County. The Friends have a three-part mission:

  • Stimulating public interest in and use of the services and resources available through the Ross Library and its affiliates in Beech Creek and Renovo.
  • Raising funds to purchase books and materials, provide support services, sponsor programs and speakers, and conduct special projects.
  • Serving as an advocate for the Ross Library.

Friends Support the Library

Each year, members of the Friends provide vital support to the Ross Library through their generous monetary contributions and gifts and by volunteering their time and talents to re-shelve books, assist with children's programs, prepare genealogical materials for the Pennsylvania Room, organize adult programs, conduct book groups, and many other tasks as needed.

In recent years, through the generosity of members and donors, the Friends have supported a wide array of projects, programs, and activities at the Library, including:

  • The purchase of thousands of new books, books-on-tape, large print books, and other materials for the children's and adult libraries.
  • Microfilming local newspapers for genealogy research.
  • Providing newspaper and magazine subscriptions.
  • Supporting summer reading programs for children and teens.
  • Volunteer recognition events.
  • Purchase of a new copy machine.
  • $30,000 renovation of the third floor community room.
  • Purchase of microfilm reader/printers.
  • Assisting with Pennsylvania Humanities Council adult reading programs.
  • Sponsoring children's programs; and providing matching funds to obtain grants.


Membership Information

The Friends depends on its volunteer members to carry out and fulfill its mission to help the Library. Membership in the Friends helps to provide books, materials and services and to make continued improvements to strengthen our Library.

Membership in the Friends brings many rewards, including the knowledge that your monetary gift and volunteered time make a major difference and contribution to our public library. Friends members also receive quarterly newsletters informing them of Friends and library activities.

Friends of the Ross Library Board of Directors

Carmen Banfill, President  
Brady Carnahan Ann Allison, Treasurer
Judith Lantz  
Theresa Bartholomew, Secretary Carson Keiser Jr, Immediate Past President
Denice Kramer Diane Whitaker, Ross Library Director, Ex Officio
Donna Yost Roberta Doyle, Library Board Representative


Clinton County Collaborative Board

Clinton County United Way

Downtown Lock Haven, Inc.

Robbie Gould

Lock Haven University

North Central Library District, Williamsport

PA Forward

Steve and Pamela Poorman


Clinton County Libraries Strategic Plan 2014-2016

The Annie Halenbake Ross Library is the main library of the Clinton County Libraries including Renovo Library, Friendship Community Library and the County Library on Wheels. The libraries serve a population of 39,517. The main library is named in honor of the late Mrs. Annie Halenbake Ross, an avid reader and library advocate, who in 1910 provided her home and funds for a free public library. The libraries now have 164,900 items and 15,287 registered library card holders.  Our mission is to promote education and lifelong learning, to encourage personal enrichment, enhance the local history resources and to support a vibrant quality of life within our community. Our values guide our decision making and service approach.

• We commit to excellent service for all patrons. Our accessible, friendly staff assist patrons in locating accurate information and offers educational programs         for all ages

.• We provide free and open access to a wide variety of resources and services such as reference, interlibrary loan, continuing education, audiovisual materials,         programs, meeting facilities and public relations.

• Our materials include classic literary content and current popular works, focusing on  the wide range of interests of our community members.

• What matters to our community matters to the library. We believe that it is through effective partnerships with other local resources that we strengthen our            community.

• We believe in the value of connections through partnerships and technology. The library creates an environment that connects the individual to information          and knowledge and to other members of the community. We strive to create a warm and welcoming experience for all users.

The strategic plan is drafted with the following goals in mind.

• Goal 1 - Stabilize the library’s financial situation

• Goal 2 - Support positive library experiences from birth to seniors

• Goal 3 - Meet technological challenges

Goal 1 - Stabilize the library’s financial situation.

The objective is to put into place a financial framework that will assure the Library system in Clinton County has the wherewithal to not only survive, but thrive. This will be accomplished by focusing on the following: External funding sources and Internal cost management efforts.

• External funding sources:

- Work with Clinton County government to establish a secure annual funding source, including researching the feasibility of establishing a library tax. (2016)

- Investigate ways the Library can better partner with the City of Lock Haven to secure additional “in kind” support from the City. (2014)

- Establish a mechanism whereby all Clinton County municipalities contribute annually in support of the Library. (2016)

- Enhance fundraising activities at all levels, including through “The Friends”, grant writing and foundations, as well as existing outreach efforts to secure individual donors, gifts and bequests. (Ongoing)

- Lobby with the Commonwealth to update library requirements to better reflect today’s society. (Ongoing)

- Establish program sponsorship opportunities for individual and business partners.  (by 2015)

- Begin planning for a capital campaign to support the physical plant and networking infrastructure, to be carried out within the next five years. (2014)

• Internal cost management efforts:

- Put into place an ongoing Cost Management initiative, led by Library staff, to assure internal cost reduction/improvement ideas are generated, reviewed and implemented. (2014)

- Utilize technology to account for all Library users and then establish a campaign to reach out to them for support. (2015)

- Enhance the Library’s volunteer program as a way of maintaining services while holding down costs. (Ongoing)


Goal 2 - Support positive library experiences from birth to seniors

The objective is to enhance library services to provide positive library experiences for residents of all ages. This will be accomplished by focusing on the following:  Market the libraries as community hubs; Provide programs for lifelong learning from birth to seniors;  Collaborate with educational and learning institutions and community organizations.

 • Market the libraries as community hubs (All Ongoing)

-       Advertise the available services, resources and programs in print and media

-       Create electronic newsletters and promote via website.

-       Use social media – Facebook, Twitter, Flickr, Pinterest,

-       Add other uses of social media like streaming media, YouTube.

-       Prepare information fact sheets on resources available in library facilities ex. video conferencing, microphone, smart board, etc.

• Provide programs for lifelong learning from birth to seniors (All Ongoing)

-       Create library programs that help all visitors to explore new ideas and new skills that expand on PA Forward’s five literacies – Basic, Civic and Social, Financial, Health, and Information.

-       Offer easy and convenient access to our databases, Commonwealth Libraries databases and online technology resources such as POWER, Library and Ask Here PA 24/7.

-       Make available to patrons Commonwealth Libraries Interlibrary Loan for location of materials the libraries do not offer.

-       Provide training for patrons and staff

• Collaborate with educational and learning institutions and community organizations

-       Cooperate with Lock Haven University (2015), Keystone Central School District (Ongoing), alternative schools (Ongoing), senior and day care centers to coordinate programs (Ongoing).

-       Work with community organizations and businesses to provide or sponsor educational programs. (2014)


Goal 3 - Meet technological challenges

The objective is to keep up with the rapid technological changes and meet increased demand from patrons to access online items. This will be accomplished by focusing on the following: Aid in the establishment of the library as a community hub; Support the educational and economic development priorities of Clinton County; and  Improve services and access for patrons and staff.

• Aid in the establishment of the library as a community hub:

-       Update the Library’s website. (Ongoing)

-       Provide Internet access via laptops with wireless “hotspots” for patrons to access and collaborate online. (2016)

-       Investigate and improve filtering technologies to make patrons feel safer at the library. (Ongoing)

-       Update children’s computers with safe access to peer reviewed, approved educational content. (2015)

• Support the educational and economic development priorities of Clinton County

-       Update and expand computer education topics to provide core computer “life skills” necessary to function in today’s digital world. (2015)

-        Expand topics for specialized computer training. (2015)

-       Increase collaboration with information providers outside the library community. (2015)

• Improve services and access for patrons and staff

-       Review automated library system with interactive patron features (placing holds, renewing materials, receiving email notices etc.) (2016)

-       Provide a secure computing experience over both wired and wireless network. (Ongoing)

-       Provide tutorials and technological training for the general public. (Ongoing)

-       Add new patron services such as faxing and wireless printing. (2015)

-       Provide patron and staff training opportunities to include webinars in mobile devices and software. (2016)

-       Promote statewide collaborative reference services such as POWER Library and Ask Here PA. (Ongoing)

-       Identify learning resources that address new technologies and their use. (Ongoing)


Evaluation: Ongoing review, input and action by the board and staff

- The board and staff will continue to look at ways to generate more revenue, with the board focusing on external revenue sources and the staff focusing more internally.

- The board will communicate regularly with staff, The Friends, and the boards of the satellite facilities to assure activities are on track for staying within the Library’s operating budget.

- The board will regularly review investments with an eye toward maximizing the financial return on those investments.

- The board and staff will strive to be flexible and respond to emerging community needs.

- Survey visitors and use statistics to assess programs offered.

- Review website to see it has all the content the library website should have and
that features are pleasing, comfortable and easy for patrons to use.

- Review the goals and objectives quarterly, making necessary changes