Support your Library

Adopt a Magazine

Monetary donations through the “Adopt a Magazine Campaign” are accepted for magazine titles which are selected by staff.  Adopt special, one of a kind magazines may be donated by patrons, but the magazine need not be purchased at the end of the subscription. The Library reserves the right to accept or reject magazines in accordance with its needs and policies.

Gifts and Memorials

Forms are available at the main desk or you can download a copy from the menu on the right.


  • Name of person deceased, honored, etc.
  • Name and address of person(s) to be acknowledged
  • Date request received and acknowledged
  • ​Amount of gift – cash or check recorded
  • Suggestion(s) of type of material to be purchased


Letters of acknowledgement and appreciation are sent to both donor and family of the person being remembered and/or honored. When materials are received, a properly inscribed BOOKPLATE is placed in the front, which acknowledges the donation. The materials, having been catalogued, are placed on the new book rack in the main reading room to be circulated immediately. A permanent record is made on the computer to be printed in either memorial or gift books.